Getting babies and young children to sleep well at night doesn’t require complicated regimes, toys and gizmos: the soothing nightly routine of Bath, Book, Bed is all they need.

Whether you prefer snuggling up and sharing a relaxing book together or winding down by joining in with fun rhymes and actions, make stories part of every child’s soothing bedtime routine with top tips, advice and ideas from BookTrust and trusted parenting advisor Jo Frost. Visit

Here are our top picks for a soothing, stress-free bedtime routine:

A Bear Hug at Bedtime by Jana Novotny Hunter, illustrated by Kay Widdowson

bearhug cover

Quiet! By Kate Alizadeh

My Tail's Not Tired! By Jana Novotny Hunter, illustrated by Paula Bowles

Mr Moon Wakes Up by Jemima Sharpe

Cat’s Colours by Airlie Anderson

Mockingbird Song by Carol Thompson

Rabbit Pie by Penny Ives

Wild! Bedtime by Courtney Dicmas

Sleep Tight, Teddy! by Annie Kubler

Animal Lullabies by Mandy Ross

She'll be coming round the mountain image

She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain illustrations by Anne Passchier

She'll be coming round the mountain cover

First Time Sleepover by Jess Stockham

You and Me! by Rachel Fuller

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