Reviews of My First Animal Signs (Baby Signing)

A colourful board book to help children learn simple signs. Positive images include a child wearing a hearing aid. Other books by the same author highlight meal time and play time signs.

Viv Hampshire Nursery World. 20th December 2007

This is a signing book for hearing and deaf children, using British Sign Language. It contains hand signs for forty-eight domestic, wild and exotic animals, using drawings of small children making the signs – all produced on sturdy board pages. Children as young as seven months can be taught to use these signs, so that they can express their feelings and needs, before they begin to communicate in coherent speech. There is an illustrated guide to the hand signals on the back of the book so that adults can be confident in making the right signs to the young ones. It is great fun and provokes a lot of laughter and intimacy with the baby or small child and is one of a series of signing books.

Carousel. 31st March 2006

A brand new colourful board book, ideal for use with hearing-impaired and deaf children. Containing 48 animal signs taken from British Sign Language, the delightful illustrations by Anthony Lewis show babies and toddlers using the signs for a range of domestic, wild and exotic animals – as well as minibeasts and birds. Alongside each illustration is a simple instruction explaining how each particular sign should be performed.

Nursery Education. 1st January 2006

This is the latest in Child’s Play’s innovative series aimed at encouraging communication before or without speech.
Equally applicable for deaf and hearing children, the books use simple sign language to help babies as young as seven months communicate and get a head start in social and intellectual development. This latest title illustrates how to sign cat, rabbit, cow and all the familiar animals, as well as snake, caterpillar, hedgehog and more. Try it.

Evening Echo/Irish Examiner. 1st December 2005

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