SNUG! is 'perfect for reading with little ones'

Another Child's Play title gets the thumbs up from 'The Bookbag'

Once again we have been delighted to receive such an encouraging and complimentary review from The Bookbag, this time from Ruth Ng, who looked at SNUG! by Carol Thompson. Her description of how the book really does conjure that cosy, warm feeling is heartwarming, particularly in her account of how it encourages readers to enjoy sharing 'big snuggly hugs afterwards!'

However, the imaginative composition of SNUG means it does not only help to create opportunities for positive physical interactions between readers. The content itself, as Ruth acknowledges, through both the variety of the different situations depicted and the creative illustrations, will give you and your little ones 'plenty to talk about' and even manage to 'invite further discussion' of a range of ideas, despite the apparent simplicity of the overall linking theme.

In addition, in relation to the actual construction of the book, Ruth expresses how the level of the language, including its use of repetition and rhyming patterns, make it accessible and entertaining to read either aloud or independently. She also explains how the size, layout and durability of the pages make it particularly suitable for 'tempestuous toddlers' without being a board book and seeming babyish. SNUG is therefore extremely versatile, perfect for young children to read 'by themselves and feel a bit more grown up!' or for sharing with others, both one on one or in a larger group context, such as story time at a playgroup.

So as you can see, a vast amount of potential identified in what may at first glance seem a reasonably basic children's picture book! Thank you Bookbag for highlighting the true value of this lovely story.

If you want the opportunity to share SNUG with your little ones simply click on the cover image above this article to purchase your copy today and start sharing your own snuggly hugs!

Thu, June 30th, 2011

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