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Baby Signing has become more and more popular, and the number of resources to support babies who sign has grown. But what about older children who use sign language? What resources are available for them?

Until now, very little, but accompanying
a new series of books to help children deal with things for the 'First Time' are sets of British Sign Language cards that illustrate key vocabulary. In an extension from the popular Child's Play Baby Signing resources, the cards cover more advanced vocabulary, including feelings and prepositions - concepts that are notoriously hard for children with hearing impairments to grasp. Children with hearing impairments often struggle with literacy, and using books
that feature BSL signs and images of Deaf/hearing-impaired children can
be one way of improving the situation.

But these resources are not only for Deaf/hearing-impaired children. Using
sign language with all children results
in increased concentration, improved behaviour, and improved spelling and literacy.
The use of sign language is becoming more common
in nurseries and schools and is even highlighted
in the EYFS guidance.

Child's Play has gained the support of organisations
such as the NDCS and Deaf Parenting UK.

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