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Countdown to Christmas

This novel idea is a book, a present and a surprise all rolled in to one – literally! Instead of turning pages, the box unravels in a countdown to Christmas. Toddlers are fascinated...

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Looking Good!

Part of the delightful 'Just Like Me' series. The themes and charming drawings are sure to engage the attention of the very young and provide lots of scope for adult-child interaction.

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What I Like!

This CD consists of Gervase Phinn reading out his 32 amusing poems, some of which are rewrites of familiar nursery rhymes. A few are far too 'clever' for the the very young... Anne Marsden

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Kubler presents each nursery rhyme simply and successfully. She does not adorn the verse or change it from the original, rather these are modern versions of the classics.

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Customer reviews of our top sellers

Ocean Deep

“This is a beautifully illustrated exploration into every part of the ocean from rock pools to the deepest depths. The sturdy card pages make this suitable even from early ages... Child-Led Chaos

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Never Ever

You say: a selection of fantastic online reviews of our book… Misc

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"Time to focus on a book that's like a huge sledgehammer-sized whump in the heart to read, and one that we've shared between family members, each coming away from it with something subtly different. 'Grandma' by Jessica Shepherd deals... ReadItDaddy

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Momo and Snap

"This story is told entirely through sounds. Momo the monkey and Snap the crocodile hiss and screech, then try to outdo and copy the other... The art was a big draw... I really loved the thick lines and vibrant colors. It made me think... Flying Off My Bookshelf blog

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