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Before it was hijacked by the Teletubbies and redefined as a custard-slurping vacuum cleaner, the word noo-noo already covered a wide variety of meanings. In our house it has always...

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This is a wonderfully robust and tactile 3-D version of a classic fairy tale, illustrated through ever decreasing pop-up pictures as the cube unfolds from page one through to nine... Martine Horvath

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Wiggle & Move

This book is part of the baby gym series, which has been put together after much research on the benefits of baby exercise and massage. Interaction between parent and child through...

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The Flower

I can't stop looking at The Flower - it really does remind us that books can work magic. This is a book for all ages - a book that you must look at again and again, and share with... Wendy Cooling

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Customer reviews of our top sellers


“UUGGHH! is like a modern day ‘Ugly Duckling’. It’s all about a slug who never feels beautiful. Of course the slug ends the book on a happier note with the help... Kate Viggers, Books I Like

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Harold Finds a Voice

“I like how Harold copies everything. I have three favorite sounds – ding, shhhhh, flush. Oh and, RAWK!" Kelsey, Age 7 "Our favorite part is all the feathers!" Anna &... Bookworms,

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"Time to focus on a book that's like a huge sledgehammer-sized whump in the heart to read, and one that we've shared between family members, each coming away from it with something subtly different. 'Grandma' by Jessica Shepherd deals... ReadItDaddy

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Momo and Snap

"This story is told entirely through sounds. Momo the monkey and Snap the crocodile hiss and screech, then try to outdo and copy the other... The art was a big draw... I really loved the thick lines and vibrant colors. It made me think... Flying Off My Bookshelf blog

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PR: O'Neill Signs New Two-book Deal

Richard O’Neill to write two more picture books for the ‘Romany Tales’ series.


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