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What I Like!

This is a delightful, witty book of verse written by a master. It introduces children to the world of poetry and the enjoyment of words and continues along the well worn tracks of some...

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Gustav Mole Puppet

This hand puppet has special appeal, coming complete with violin and bow. He has been designed to introduce children to the world of music, instruments and performing groups. Gustav...

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My First Animal Signs

This is a signing book for hearing and deaf children, using British Sign Language. It contains hand signs for forty-eight domestic, wild and exotic animals, using drawings of small...

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What's the Time, Mr Wolf?

Includes a fabric finger puppet just right for snapping delightfully at any child who ventures too near. As well as being great fun, this book introduces the concept of telling the...

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Customer reviews of our top sellers

That's NOT How You Do It!

'That's NOT how you do it' is a beautifully illustrated book about learning to accept and appreciate each other's differences. A thoroughly enjoyable book to be shared again and again. Megan Grace Nicholson, Coventry UK

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A friend sent this book to my older two girls (3.5 and 1.5) as a present as I've just had a 3rd (girl). I read it to my eldest this evening and she LOVED it. She wanted it again but... Rebecca Joanne Leek

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Harold Finds a Voice

“Blazing with colour, and a good dose of ‘parrotyness’, Courtney Dicmas' debut children's picture book ‘Harold Finds a Voice’ is a joyful (and very noisy) celebration... Read It Daddy!

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Never Ever

You say: a selection of fantastic online reviews of our book… Misc

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