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Animal Lullabies

The linking theme in this collection of verses is animals and sleep – how they get to sleep or what they get up to in their sleep. ‘Skunk’ made me and my child reviewer...

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My First Signs

When asked to review a book about baby signing I was filled with trepidation! The usual textbooks (I use the term loosely) are quite uninspiring and mostly aimed at the parent or carer... Julia Gilbert

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What I Like!

This sparkling collection includes poems about food, family, schools and animals, with counting rhymes, nonsense verses, finger games and some unusual treatments of familiar nursery...

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Merry Christmas, Big Hungry Bear!

Mouse has an enormous collection of presents, but when reminded that the Hungry Bear may not have any, does he generously donate some to the Bear? He does not! He barricades his house...

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Customer reviews of our top sellers

Never Ever

You say: a selection of fantastic online reviews of our book… Misc

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The Little Mermaid

Creating innovative, award-winning books for children from 0-8 years that promote learning through play. My daughter likes to pretend she is a mermaid. She talks in a high pitched voice so I always know when she ‘changes’ into a mermaid... Momma's Bacon

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Egg, Tadpole, Frog

“This is a(nother) brilliantly clever book from Child’s Play. The shaped cover is tied with ribbon, and inside you find the life cycle story of frogs (Butterflies and Dragonflies... Child-Led Chaos

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"Love the illustrations. Bit like Badger's Parting Gift without specific death so would cover other sorts of losses. Like the loss of colour and then its return" Local Authority Early Years employee, Letterbox Library Reviewer

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