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Before it was hijacked by the Teletubbies and redefined as a custard-slurping vacuum cleaner, the word noo-noo already covered a wide variety of meanings. In our house it has always...

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The Big Hungry Bear Storysack

This story is about a mouse who is scared that the Big Hungry Bear is going to take his strawberry, so after attempting to hide it, the mouse cuts it in two and shares it with the reader...

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You and Me!

“The New Baby series from Child's Play is spot on accurate. … watercolors and graphite or grease pencil outlines are friendly and exuberant.”

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Twenty-Four Robbers

This is a wonderful version of a traditional skipping rhyme. Twenty-four robbers return to the same house again and again, and are taught that sharing is better than stealing. Each... BA(Ed) English Specialist, Durham University

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Down in the Jungle

You say: a selection of fantastic online reviews of our book… Misc

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"Superb; deceptively simple book which works on so many levels- bereavement, loss, celebrating the individual, breaking with the 'norm' etc. I (also) immediately thought of Badger's... Children's Centre Manager, Letterbox Library Reviewer

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Harold Finds a Voice

“I like how Harold copies everything. I have three favorite sounds – ding, shhhhh, flush. Oh and, RAWK!" Kelsey, Age 7 "Our favorite part is all the feathers!" Anna &... Bookworms,

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Off to the Beach!

Lovely textured book with Braille against the page numbers and against some of the key items, the rest of the pages being textured to match the story and locations. Same for the companion... Tom Danby, Australia

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