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Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear! (Sign & Singalong) illustrated by Annie Kubler

"A lovely book and great for a child that knows some of the signs."

"Anyone who is teaching children sign language this is a great story book."

"Cant wait for my one-year-old to become more stable stood up so we can do this book properly... he enjoys watching his mummy show him what to do. And like everything else he will turn round one day and surprise me by doing it back. This one in particular is a great action song."

"Fun way to learn sign language and a story."

"My two-year-old loves this book...we would go through the pages and I would ask him to point of various things... he loves this book and often gets it out. We bought a couple more from this series and together they are an invaluable learning resource. Highly recommended."

"This book went down well with my ten-month-old grandson and his Mum because they had been going to baby sign classes and this reinforced some of the ideas, and because the clear illustrations are very appealing."

"Will encourage active participation even in babies who aren't signing. Very cute pictures of babies and helpful captions for parents on the pictures of signs make this a series of books you will enjoy together again and again."

"So cute. I've always loved this rhyme anyhow. The pictures are sweet and colorful, and I love the picture-summary of all the actions at the end, particularly for children not yet able to attend to pictures for long. It's a great warm-up for my speech and language sessions with toddlers and preschoolers with lots of receptive and expressive language opportunities, imitation, and improvisation. Nice job!"

"I have a 10-month-old girl and she just loves this book. I found the seller great to purchase with. I had no hassle at all. Makes buying fun when you don't have to worry about delays."

"Another hit from Kubler, with easy to follow signs and colourful, attractive drawings."

"I really like the simple illustrations and clear written instructions of the signs. Good for me a beginner and good for babies! I learned the sign for teddy bear that I know is going to come in handy some day!"

"Kids love it!"

Misc, . 2nd February 2015

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