Many of our titles can be used to promote empathy and encourage children to be compassionate.

Here are some of our titles which are particularly useful for increasing a child's empathy:

Click to visit  That's NOT How You Do It page Click to visit Yokki and the Parno Gry page
Lucy knows how to do everything and despairs when her new neighbour Toshi handles things differently! Yokki saves his Traveller family from misfortune with tales of a magical white horse.
Click to visit Ice in the Jungle page Click to visit The Jar of Happiness page
A polar bear moves to the jungle and must learn to adapt to her new habitat. When a jar filled with happiness goes missing, its owner is comforted by loved ones.
Click to visit  Ossiri and the Bala Mengro page Click to visit  Henry and Boo page
A Traveller girl makes music from recycled objects, but practises dangerously close to an ogre. A surprise guest annoys Henry initially, but becomes indispensable. Perfect for reading aloud.
Rabbityness cover Click to visit  Grandma page
Rabbit fills the forest with music and colour, but one day he disappears. Oscar loves his Grandma, but after she develops Alzheimer's disease, she has to move into a care home. A sensitive book which helps children to understand dementia.
Click to visit The Cloud page
A little girl notices a dark cloud hanging over a classmate's head. What can she do to help? Explores the therapeutic benefits of cooperative and creative activity When a sky calf visits the Hospital for Magical Beasts out of the blue, Dr Astrid tries to diagnose the newcomer, but nothing seems to work!
Click to visit The Red Boat page Click to visit Crunch page
A girl develops her self-confidence with the help of her dog and a mysterious red boat. Crunch the guinea pig learns the value of friendship and sharing.

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