The Big Hungry Bear Storysack (Storysacks)

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Audrey Wood and Don Wood
Illustrated by:
Don Wood
First Published:
31 December 1998
Mixed media
Product Dimensions:
11.8in x 11.8in

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Now the reader can be even more involved in this popular story. Scenery and puppets, along with the story and song CD, allow for creative retelling, whilst the game works at different ability levels to develop sequencing skills. Find out more about mice using the non-ficiton book. A Storysack® is a large cloth bag containing a quality child's picture book with supporting materials to stimulate reading activities. To bring the book to life, soft toys of the main characters, artefacts relating to items in the story, a non-fiction element relating to the fiction theme and a game based on the book are included. A guide and prompt suggest ways of developing listening, reading and writing skills using the contents of the Storysack®.


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