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Paul Adshead
First Published:
01 January 2001
Hard cover:
72 pages
Product Dimensions:
5.5in x 7.9in

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The further adventures of Ben Potter, the 'chicken', the 'beaver' and school projects! Ben's teacher decides that, since Spring holidays have arrived, it's a perfect time to assign a "Bird-Spotting Diary". Although he dreads Spring holidays because, in his house, it is synonymous with Spring cleaning, it just so happens that this time, his mother's wacky cleaning habits get him just the subject he needs for his bird-spotting diary, a baby pigeon which Mrs. Potter accidentally knocks out of its nest during a cleaning frenzy. Ben gets to keep it until it matures (a mother's guilt knows no bounds!) and we learn more about the care and feeding of 'squeakers' (baby pigeons) than we ever imagined possible. Of course, the infamous 'Billy Bonga' is back with a vengeance...But there is also high drama with danger and suspense and an unexpected rescue. Who could ask for more...


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