Crawl!/¡Gatea! (Little Movers (Bilingual))

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Carol Thompson
Illustrated by:
Carol Thompson
Translated by:
Teresa Mlawer
First Published:
01 October 2020
Board book:
12 pages
Product Dimensions:
6in x 6in

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Run, climb, crawl or jump - everybody loves to move! Fast or slow, up or down, alone or with our friends! Carol Thompson’s exquisite illustrations allow us to share the struggles, achievements and sheer delight of children exploring early movement. LITTLE MOVERS are perfect for building confidence and gaining control. Ready? One, two, three...

Corre, trepa, gatea o salta… ¡A todo el mundo le gusta moverse! ¡Rápido o despacio, arriba o abajo, solo o con amigos! Las exquisitas ilustraciones de Carol Thompson nos permiten compartir los retos, los logros y el deleite que experimentan los niños explorando su movilidad. Los libros LITTLE MOVERS son ideales para fortalecer la confianza y adquirir control. ¿Listos? Uno, dos, tres…


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