Reviews of Goldilocks (Flip-Up Fairy Tales)

"Flip-Up Fairy Tales are written for toddlers and pre-schoolers. What makes them an instant hit is the fact they have at least one flap to lift on every spread. Who doesn’t love flaps to lift?! The flaps are very clever, the pictures fit seamlessly and show things like a hungry wolf on top, and a fainted wolf under; or someone walking in the near distance on top, and further away under; or a naked emperor and the clothes in his imagination; or… Well, they’re exciting and interesting and pull everyone into the story. As you’d expect from Child’s Play, the characters are represented by a range of genders and ethnicities. The stories have been rewritten for a young audience and the prince and princess are far more likely to be friends than to get married. The rewrites are funny. They are excellent for engaging small children and a great choice for increasing vocabulary for toddlers (lots of “what’s that?” opportunities.) Highly recommended."

Child-Led Chaos. 26th June 2014

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