Reviews of Down in the Jungle (Classic Books With Holes Board Book)

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Down In The Jungle (Classic Books with Holes) illustrated by Elisa Squillace

"My two granddaughters enjoy looking and playing with this book, it has rhymes/songs in it that they recognise and know from playschool/TV etc (I didn't!). The 1-year-old enjoyed its bright colours and sticking her fingers through the holes, and the sing-song words, while the 3-and-a-half-year-old enjoyed the recognisable songs/rhymes, and the detail in the pictures, that can be elongated into more of a descriptive story!”

"Lovely book – was great for a toddler and is still great now for 4-year-old.”

“These books are brilliant. There is plenty to look at for reader and child, plus there are cut-outs to peep through. The design and quality are excellent and we all love reading the rhymes. If I were you, I would buy the whole series – you'll get good value from them!”

"Another fabulous book from books with holes! Highly recommended! My little man loves 'reading' this book and of course mummy singing along is always entertaining!”

"Love this book, my 3-year-old dances everything we sing it together. :-):-):-):-) boogie woogie woogie recommend it to everyone with a toddler."

"My 2-year-old loves this book. It's great quality and he can easily turn the pages. Well worth the money."

"Great book. I gave copies to four schools I visited in Uganda last year. It was enjoyed by teachers and pupils in the equivalent of key stage 1."

"Perfect little book to share with children, especially if you know the tune and the moves. I've had great fun with my grandson, once you know the story you can choose your own animals and extend the story for even more fun.”

"Lots of lovely pictures, bought it for my 22-months-old and there is a bit too much to sing on one page as she can not wait to turn the page.”

Misc. 2nd February 2015

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