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Child's Play is more than just a publishing program, it is a philosophy.
We understand that a child's early years are more important than any other and this is when they learn the most about the world around them.
Books play a vital role in building the foundations for learning, and exposure to quality books from an early age helps to develop an enquiring mind and a lifelong love of reading.

Child's Play has a history of creating innovative, award-winning books
for children from 0-7 years that promote learning through play.
Books that fully reflect our diverse society in terms of heritage, disability, gender and family.

Child's Play books are loved by parents, teachers and, most importantly, children all over the world.

Some Child's Play titles are also available in British Sign Language via the free, fully accessible online Signed Stories website – click on the image to access...

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Child's Play Newsreel 2014

Child's Play Newsreel 2014


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