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Marina Aizen

I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I graduated from the University of Arts with a BFA in Engraving. After finishing art school, I realised that I was interested in the interaction between text and images (which, as an engraver, I have always found fascinating,) and also the possibility of drawing a lot. I find that illustrating combines all my interests and I feel lucky to be able to do it!

I love creating sweet characters, full of fun and bright colors. I draw every day whether it is on my studio, the train, bus or underground - I always carry a little notebook to doodle when inspiration strikes. When I am not drawing I like watching birds and nature; embroidering or doing needle felting; cooking; singing and listening to beautiful music and exhibiting my work with my fellow illustrators.

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PR: O'Neill Signs New Two-book Deal

Richard O’Neill to write two more picture books for the ‘Romany Tales’ series.


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Let Toys be Toys

Let Toys be Toys