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Georgie Birkett

I graduated from Brighton University in 1996 and have illustrated many books for children, I have recently started writing too. I have made books with Bloomsbury, Macmillan, Random House, Puffin and many more. I work from a cooperative studio space, The Green House, above a shop in Brighton's North Laine. I grew up in Bristol, Bath, Salisbury and London. I now live in Lewes.

I come from an artistic family who were always drawing, and developed my interest at a very early age. My grandparents ran an art club, where as well as painting with the members, my sister and I would be portrait models with the challenge of keeping still and extra challenge of not getting the giggles! When I was born my grandfather had recently retired from directing Ladybird Books.

I love to travel when I can, and have recently developed a taste for the West Coast of North America - beautiful scenery and laid-back people and as a result my husband has gained a passion for playing the banjo and growing a beard! I love to walk the surrounding countryside of Lewes and am now finally growing vegetables in my back garden.

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