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Richard Hatfield

After a serene and quiet start to life living in Chichester my parents decided that the family needed a little holiday, so in the summer of 1971 we drove to New Zealand in a VW camper van! Through ensuing adventures across mountains, rivers, seas, a small war between India and Pakistan and a spell exploring Down Under we arrived back 2 years later. Armed with a cheeky Kiwi accent and with images of the crazy places and things we had seen buzzing around in my head, I wanted to recreate these experiences somehow. Very soon I discovered a love for drawing. From that moment the die was set, the accent may have changed but my passion for creative imagery hasn’t.

Having studied at Canterbury, then a degree at Kingston Univerity I was discovered by Michael Twinn (founder of Child’s Play) at an exhibition in London, he bought one of my pictures and offered me a job. Having already nurtured a fascination in animals and the environment I fell effortlessly into various projects concerning the natural world. My first published books delved into my love of reptiles, well I am a boy! From Chameleons and Snakes I was then asked to dive into the Depths of the Oceans. For me it’s like deep space but on our doorstep, utterly brilliant!!

I now live with my lovely partner in part of a Jacobean Mansion in the Kentish Countryside, just outside Ashford. I’m still painting in the traditional ways but also now a complete geek on the Mac. I’m always looking forward to the next project where ever that might take me. In the meantime I’m training for another half marathon if my hips don’t give up on me!

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CHOICES has been shortlisted for the 2022 Klaus Flugge Prize!


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