Illustration of a little girl peering around a door from Kate's book Quiet

Hi Kate! Can you describe your workspace for us?

I currently share a studio in a community print workshop and studios in Cardiff. My personal desk is a bit messy with lots of room for doing drawings. I like being part of a shared studios because I get to chat with other studio members on my tea and lunch breaks!

That sounds great!

Which illustrators do you look up to and why?

I really look up to Tove Jansson and Judith Kerr. They are inspiring, strong women, who survived troubled times and created beautiful narrative work. I also really love Quentin Blake’s loose artwork style, and am inspired by manga comics and all sorts of graphic novels.

Illustration of a little girl reading from Kate's book

What is your favourite sound?

I love the sound of a cat purring!

Illustration of a cat from Kate's book

We do too!

What is your artistic process?

I usually draw by hand (preferably in 2B pencil), then scan the art work in and colour it digitally.

If you have any questions for Kate, please send them in to the office!

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