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The Flower

There once was a boy called Brigg, who lived in a small grey room in a big grey city. Every day he walked to the library, which is where he worked. "Dangerous books" were... Marya Jansen-Gruber

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Copy Cat

Sometimes a book is an all round example of what a picture book should be and this is one of them. Tightly written in few words, the language is as fresh as it is spare. Juxtaposed... Jana Novotny Hunter

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Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

This is one of my favourite ever stories. The book uses pages with holes cut out so that you can see what is inside the old ladies stomach - yuck! Fabulous! Betty

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Grow It!/¡A sembrar!

A little boy is with his father, and they are going to plant a garden together. At the garden center, the little boy chooses some seeds, and then he had his father plant them in a tray... Marya Jansen-Gruber

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Customer reviews of our top sellers

Off to the Beach!

Lovely textured book with Braille against the page numbers and against some of the key items, the rest of the pages being textured to match the story and locations. Same for the companion... Tom Danby, Australia

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It's Not Yours, It's Mine!

"Blieka gets a ball. But because Blieka loves the new toy so much, Blieka doesn't want to share it... Sharing is a concept of notorious difficulty for many young children, and this... Beth Cox, School Librarian Journal Vol 61, School Library Association

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What's the Time, Mr Wolf?

“For little ones who want to operate their own puppets, Child’s Play have a huge range of puppet activity books. Older babies and young toddlers will be able to stick their... Child-Led Chaos

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Moving Day!

This book might help to set a young child's expectations of what happens during a typical house move. The twins in the story (a boy and girl) are shown helping to pack, sort and label... Claire Ward-Dutton, Little Parachutes

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