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What I Like!

All his years of experience in working with children mean that Gervase Phinn knows exactly what will appeal to his audience. Couple that with his love of English and his awareness of...

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Tucking In!

Part of the delightful 'Just Like Me' series. The themes and charming drawings are sure to engage the attention of the very young and provide lots of scope for adult-child interaction.

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Ten Fat Sausages

A bit of a twist to the familiar counting song, in that the child can see where the sausages are going and the holes left when they disappear. Children love, and quickly master the...

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Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer

Five Little Men come to visit Earth from Outer Space, but finding it spoiled and neglected, they fly away, one by one. Luckily, by the end of this much-loved counting song, the world...

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Customer reviews of our top sellers

I'm an Alien!

“A board book that’s also a mask? What a wonderful idea! The Look At Me range are a series of books you can hold over your face to pretend to be a robot, or a monster; an... Child-Led Chaos

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The Boy who lost his Bumble

5 stars for this topical and charming story, beautifully illustrated. Lovely to read with children and the illustrations are so good it can feel like you see something new and different... Katie Penney, United Kingdom

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Old Macdonald

“I couldn’t do a list of the best touchy-feely-pully-pushy-twisty-movey-interactive-novelty books for younger children without mentioning Child’s Play’s books with... Child-Led Chaos

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Clive and his Babies

A refreshing spin on playtime. A young boy nurtures his dolls in a variety of ways and serves as a role model for boys who may choose fatherhood in the future. Keep it up, Clive! Nadine Wetzel-Curtis, Barron, Wisconsin USA

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