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Sleep Tight, Teddy!

Loved by the helpers in the Nursery because the style of the rhyming text in this book reminded the reader to add tone and expression when reading to the youngest children. This kind...

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Pet Corner

A fun non-fiction game to get children thinking about how best to look after their pets. Bright and zany animal boards with corresponding cards help make this resource ideal for teaching...

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You and Me!

“The New Baby series from Child's Play is spot on accurate. … watercolors and graphite or grease pencil outlines are friendly and exuberant.”

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My New Baby

A toddler observes and asks questions about the new baby in this story, part of a series designed to help new siblings adjust. “Why does the baby always have milk?” the...

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Customer reviews of our top sellers

What's the Time, Mr Wolf?

This is one of my all-time favourite children's books because the style of illustrations, the colours and the wolf's puppet head are just brilliant! And my young daughter loves it too! Kiran Ahmad, Surrey, UK

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Never Ever

“Never ever have I read a book that says so much with the same words repeated over and over. Jo Empson does so much with so little. Just as most kids think that their lives aren't as exciting as the stories in books and in movies... Erica, Goodreads

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Sardines of Love

An instant hit with our little one, she loves the characters, their names, their adventure and the glorious illustrations. It's delicious! Franchacha, Brighton

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It's Not Yours, It's Mine!

Blieka loves her* new red ball; she loves it so much that she takes it with her everywhere, and no one else is allowed to touch it. The other animals can’t get a look in – she even takes it to the cinema! But when the ball begins to... Books for Keeps

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