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The Princess and the Dragon Storysack

How long would a picture book hold the attention of a young child? Five minutes? Ten? Maybe half-an-hour if the book is good and the child attentive enough to want to look at it several...

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Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

This classic board book retells a childhood favourite and can be enjoyed by adults as well as toddlers. Young children love the brightly coloured pages with their ever growing holes...

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This book is a clever adaptation of the pop-up book. Rather than pages to turn, this cube shaped book unrolls as you count along from one to ten. The pictures have a lovely fluid movement...

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Gustav Mole Puppet

This hand puppet has special appeal, coming complete with violin and bow. He has been designed to introduce children to the world of music, instruments and performing groups. Gustav...

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Customer reviews of our top sellers

The Little Mermaid

Creating innovative, award-winning books for children from 0-8 years that promote learning through play. My daughter likes to pretend she is a mermaid. She talks in a high pitched voice so I always know when she ‘changes’ into a mermaid... Momma's Bacon

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Moving Day!

This book might help to set a young child's expectations of what happens during a typical house move. The twins in the story (a boy and girl) are shown helping to pack, sort and label... Claire Ward-Dutton, Little Parachutes

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I'm a Robot!

“A board book that’s also a mask? What a wonderful idea! The Look At Me range are a series of books you can hold over your face to pretend to be a robot, or a monster; an... Child-Led Chaos

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The Big Hungry Bear Storysack

I have enjoyed this book with my children and now my grandchildren. The illustrations are beautiful!! The story is quick and easy to read. My son could read the whole book to me by... Kathleen M Gatz, United States

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