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Monkey's Clever Tale

When Ameerah Monkey wants to cross the river, she hatches a plot to trick Crocodile into helping her. But how will she escape being his next meal? And will Crocodile get his pot of Monkey Tail Soup?

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Countdown to Christmas

This novel idea is a book, a present and a surprise all rolled in to one – literally! Instead of turning pages, the box unravels in a countdown to Christmas. Toddlers are fascinated...

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¡Mírame!/Look At Me!

“The New Baby series from Child's Play is spot on accurate. … watercolors and graphite or grease pencil outlines are friendly and exuberant.” javascript:EditTextDlgSubmit()

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Pass the Bag

This was the most popular game with my group of children. It is a mix of lotto and lucky dip and requires each child, in turn, to take a plastic shape from a bag and match it to the...

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Customer reviews of our top sellers

Harold Finds a Voice

“Blazing with colour, and a good dose of ‘parrotyness’, Courtney Dicmas' debut children's picture book ‘Harold Finds a Voice’ is a joyful (and very noisy) celebration... Read It Daddy!

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Old Macdonald

“I couldn’t do a list of the best touchy-feely-pully-pushy-twisty-movey-interactive-novelty books for younger children without mentioning Child’s Play’s books with... Child-Led Chaos

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I'm a Monster!

“A board book that’s also a mask? What a wonderful idea! The Look At Me range are a series of books you can hold over your face to pretend to be a robot, or a monster; an... Child-Led Chaos

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The Boy who lost his Bumble

5 stars for this topical and charming story, beautifully illustrated. Lovely to read with children and the illustrations are so good it can feel like you see something new and different... Katie Penney, United Kingdom

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