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"Swiftly following on from her super-successful debut picture book Rabbityness, Jo's new book Never Ever delves into the inner most workings of a child's imagination. Oblivious to the fantastical things happening around her the little girl in this book, firmly grips onto her rabbity companion as they wander through the countryside unaware of the strange and wonderful creatures pursuing them on their adventure (EVEN despite at one point being gobbled up by one, which is a particular highlight).
This beautifully designed book has been thoughtfully laid out with a charming surprise gate fold ending to the story which will amaze and delight little Sniffers. A subtle, reassuring and utterly engaging tale written and illustrated with charm and wit.
Take heed readers, always look over your shoulder because you never know when you too may unknowingly be pursued by a magical menagerie."

The Book Sniffer, . 6th February 2014

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