Review of Harold Finds a Voice

“Harold is a parrot, quite a talented parrot in fact. He is able to mimic almost anything with great accuracy. From the washing machine to the toaster, the vacuum cleaner to the phone Harold delights in imitating every single sound he hears in the apartment in which he lives. One day Harold decides that he has tired of all these familiar sounds and ventures out into the big city where is he delighted to discover a whole range of exciting new sounds for him to copy. However something is worrying Harold; despite all the many sounds he makes he is worried that he does not have a sound of his own. Surely he must have a voice and if he does what does it sound like?
This debut picture book by Courtney Dicmas is a cheerful story with equally cheerful and bright illustrations. Harold even manages to look happy! The illustrations are vibrant and busy with plenty of detail for young children to look at. This is a lovely story to read aloud with lots of opportunity for silly noises and enthusiastic participation. The six year olds I read this book to enjoyed the story, the pictures (and the noises!) and were really pleased that although Harold may not have been pleased with the sound of his own voice the other parrots loved it. The children all said how lovely it was that Harold made lots of new friends; so Harold's experiences make a comforting story for children.
This is an amusing and jolly picture book that will appeal to the very young and be fun to share together too.”

The Bookbag, . 6th February 2014

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