Marina Aizen

I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I graduated from the University of Arts with a BFA in Engraving. After finishing art school, I realised that I was interested in the interaction between text and images (which, as an engraver, I have always found fascinating,) and also the possibility of drawing a lot. I find that illustrating combines all my interests and I feel lucky to be able to do it!

I love creating sweet characters, full of fun and bright colors. I draw every day whether it is on my studio, the train, bus or underground - I always carry a little notebook to doodle when inspiration strikes. When I am not drawing I like watching birds and nature; embroidering or doing needle felting; cooking; singing and listening to beautiful music and exhibiting my work with my fellow illustrators.

Roberta Angeletti

Roberta Angeletti was born in 1964 in Civitavecchia, Italy. After graduating from the Accademia delle Belle Arti (Academy of Fine Arts) in Viterbo, she began teaching in junior and senior high school, dedicating time and effort particularly to school projects, such as drama activities, film clubs, exhibitions and workshops, etc. Her career as an illustrator began almost by chance in 1995 when she participated in the Illustration Competition of the Bologna Children's Book Fair and was selected as one of the winners. From 1996 to 1997, she took part in short illustration courses and workshops with Lele Luzzati, Kveta Pacovska, Maurizio Olivotto, and Arcadio Lobato.

She gave up teaching altogether in 2001 to dedicate herself entirely to her work as an illustrator, which also includes professional and educational training (workshops, seminars, collaborations with libraries and schools in activities aimed at promoting literature). She received in 2006 an Award of Italian Illustration after the Selection for the Annual 2006 organized from Associazone Illustratori.

Laura Barella

Laura Barella was born in Italy in a countryside area near the Alpi mountains. After completing her Diploma at Artistic High School she attended the European Institute of Design in Turin. She started working as a naturalistic illustrator and for several years she has illustrated for children’s books.

She plays the piano and she likes to play early music for viola da gamba with her friends. She loves lakes and she likes, when she can, to take a rowing boat, a book, a camera and spend a beautiful afternoon on the lake. She lives with her husband Massimo and her three cats Matilda, Cico and Gigi.

Becky Baur

Becky grew up on an organic farm in Kent, and became obsessed with children's books while she lived in Paris. She graduated in Fine Art from Brighton College of Art, and worked for many years as a textile designer. In 2011 she started her own business, illustrating greetings cards, cushions, ceramics, and prints, which have sold throughout the world. She currently lives in London with her partner and their daughter, and spends her time painting, cooking, walking, visiting galleries, and listening to music.

Kirsti Beautyman

Inspired by a love of screen printing, Kirsti Beautyman works in limited colour palettes, building layers of texture combined with digital elements to bring her creations to life. After graduating from Edinburgh College of Art, Kirsti was mentored by Helen Stephens and named Picture Hooks Illustrator of the Year. Since then, she has worked on multiple books and continues to scribble away in her studio within Biscuit Tin Studios in Newcastle Upon Tyne. In her spare time, she likes to cook food with a liberal use of garlic, enjoys nothing more than reading a good book, and is unable to resist patting any dogs that cross her path.

Georgie Birkett

I graduated from Brighton University in 1996 and have illustrated many books for children, I have recently started writing too. I have made books with Bloomsbury, Macmillan, Random House, Puffin and many more. I work from a cooperative studio space, The Green House, above a shop in Brighton's North Laine. I grew up in Bristol, Bath, Salisbury and London. I now live in Lewes.

Paula Bowles

Paula Bowles grew up in a house full of animals, and spent much of her time drawing and making comics with her brother. Having discovered she could actually do drawing as a job, she studied illustration at Falmouth College of Arts, graduating in 2005. She now lives and works as a freelance illustrator in Bristol, UK. Paula has illustrated books for publishers like Bloomsbury, The National Trust and Random House. She loves drawing cute, funny characters and writing her own stories too. When she’s not illustrating or writing, she likes swing dancing, cycling and playing the piano.

Marta Cabrol

I was born close to Barcelona in 1976. I remember when I was a child drawing all the time in the margins of my school papers and books. Not always to the appreciation of my teachers! I was very lucky to have a mother who worked in the local library where I spent many hours reading lots of books. And it was there that I began my appreciation of how illustrations can support and occasionally enhance the written word. This was an important influence on me because it helped create a special sensibility to the world of images. After studying and working for 12 years as a graphic designer, I found my natural creative home in the children’s illustration world. I can say that my job is one of my favourite hobbies. And so with my illustrations I feel I can combine the children’s world of imagination, storytelling and reading which have always been an important part of my life.

Joaquín Camp

Joaquín Camp is an illustrator and graphic designer who graduated from the University of Buenos Aires. His work has appeared in a range of newspapers, magazines, and animations. He has also worked as a professor for the University of Buenos Aires and he continues to teach workshops on children’s book illustration. Joaquín is the co-founder of Coquín, a venture dedicated to the creation of self-watering plant pots, which introduce colour and life to small spaces.

Kelly Caswell

After completing my Illustration degree at Plymouth University I worked as a designer at a publishers in Bath. I then took the plunge and started working freelance as an Illustrator. Since then I've been lucky enough to create illustrations for children's books and greetings cards. I've worked with a range of clients, which include Simon & Schuster, Pearson Education, North Parade Publishing, A&C Black and American Greetings, and Child's Play.

I grew up in Street, Somerset. I was always destined to end up doing something creative, when I was little everything revolved around the kitchen table where my sister and I would make dens or spend afternoons making creations out of dried pasta & rice! I haven’t migrated far as I now live and work in the seaside town of Clevedon, Somerset.

Cristiana Cerretti

Cristiana Cerretti graduated in 1997 in illustration from Rome's European Design Institute (IED) where she attended the illustration school of Stephan Zavrel. She has illustrated more than forty children books, some of which have been recommended by Munich's Jugendbibliothek, receiving a special mention for the originality of the illustrations. She has collaborated with many advertising companies and is looking after the children literature festival of Parma Minimondi, the children's literature festival in Parma, Italy. She has also illustrated many children's theatre posters. Cristiana currently teaches illustration at the Academy of Art and New Technology in Rome.

Charlotte Cooke

Charlotte Cooke is a freelance illustrator, living in Kent with her husband Andy. She is represented by the Bright Agency, and since being with them has illustrated books, posters and calendars.

Charlotte graduated from UWE Bristol in 2010 with a first class degree in illustration. She has a passion for screenprinting and has a little set up at home. She also loves her pastel pencils, which she uses for most of her work, mixed in with a bit of digital loving. She always starts with a pencil, then colour, and then sees what she can do through the magic of her iMac.

Estelle Corke

I have illustrated since leaving college. To begin with I mainly worked for advertising, magazine publishing and packaging, in many subject areas and this gave me great grounding and experience. In recent years I've concentrated my efforts on my first love, children's publishing.

I work for publishers all over the world, large and small. I mostly illustrate in my richly coloured gouache style, but I also offer styles in watercolour and pen and ink. I love drawing children and animals, and I especially enjoy stories with some gentle humour and quirkiness.

Nichola Cowdery

When Nichola was little, she covered her bedroom walls with drawings of her favourite cartoon characters, and she has been drawing ever since! Her tablet stylus is never far away. She has worked in children's publishing for many years and takes her inspiration from the cute, the quirky, and whatever makes people laugh.

Dan Crisp

I studied illustration in Sheffield and at The North East Wales Institute. I have illustrated for advertising, editorial, packaging and textiles, and produced several humorous ranges of best-selling greetings cards.

I’ve also illustrated many children's books and have written and illustrated Where’s that Cat? Duck? Fish? and Monkey? and Tyrannosaurus Reg and written Pandamonium, illustrated by Mark Chambers. I live in West Yorkshire with my wife Isabel and our children, Tom, Matilda and Caleb.

Jane Eccles

After Jane studied graphic design at Chelsea School of Art, she became a freelance illustrator. She loved illustrating poetry books and particularly loved drawing animals - birds, cats, dogs, guinea pigs - any critter really!

Alison Edgson

Alison Edgson is a freelance illustrator, originally from Northern Ireland. She trained at the University of Ulster in Belfast, where she got a First Class Honours degree in Visual Communication in 2000. She now works on a variety of things, some commissions and some book illustration work. Her styles vary a bit and she likes to switch between traditional and contemporary styles to keep her work fresh. She moved to Monmouthshire in 2001 and has made her home in the beautiful Wye Valley AONB.

Kate Edmunds

I did a BA in graphics at Kingston University. After that I worked in television for ten years as a designer. During that time I built up an illustration portfolio, developing styles and book ideas with, a view to a career swap. Since having children, who are a little older now, I am ready to dedicate more time to my illustration work.

Lisa Evans

Lisa Evans is a freelance illustrator working in a variety of fields, from children's books to advertising campaigns. Although starting with traditional materials, over the years Lisa has shifted towards using digital tools in the creation of her work. Working digitally allows her to zoom in and focus on the details. Lisa enjoys exploring new mediums and is currently learning Maya and Game Maker software. Some of her interests include anime, science fiction, technology and gaming. To view Lisa's work, please visit her website:

Caroline Formby

Children’s illustrator Caroline Formby has created a charming, singular style, working exclusively with coloured pencils. Her engaging illustrations have adorned a number of books and have proved very popular as prints. She was born in Nottingham. Her father was in the RAF so she enjoyed a cosmopolitan childhood as the family moved every two or three years whenever he changed station, travelling as far afield as Germany. Throughout her childhood her ambition was to be an artist. At 18 she went to Berkshire College of Art to study Graphic Design, specialising in illustration in her final year. In 1989 her first book, The Dragonberry Bush, was published, and Caroline has since worked on a diversity of other artistic projects.

Tina Freeman

Tina Freeman has been a professional illustrator since the late 90s and has an extensive portfolio of work. Her client list includes Manchester United, Royal Mail, BHS, Manchester Airport and the Health and Safety Executive. She has illustrated 14 children's books and has also worked for prestigious advertising and design agencies, such as BDH, Map, Pavilion Designs, McCann Erickson and Tequila. Tina has recently worked on murals for children's rooms and is currently working on a range of 1960s inspired prints to add to her every increasing extensive collection of artwork.

Rachel Fuller

Rachel studied illustration at the University of Brighton , graduating in 1997. She has two children who she finds inspirational for much of her work. They live in Brighton and she works in a studio with fellow artists in the North Laine. She enjoys working in all areas of illustration, from editorial to children's publishing, and has worked with many designers and publishers over the years.


Masumi Furukawa

Masumi Furukawa was born in Nagoya, Japan in 1972 and has worked as an illustrator and author of children's books since 2003. After she graduated in Comparative Literature from Nagoya University she went to Italy where she attended art school. Here she had the opportunity to develop her talent by studying a range of different creative art forms including painting, glass art, and children’s book illustration. In 2009 she was selected to participate in the annual Bologna Children's Book Fair illustration competition. Since her first book was published in Malaysia in 2003 she has had her illustrations published in children’s books in Korea, Japan, UK, USA, Taiwan and Malaysia. Through her books she hopes to provide a memorable message and to help children enjoy, and connect with, the imaginary world. Masumi currently lives in Tokyo and enjoys going on trips, cooking, playing the classical guitar and spending time with her lovely grey cat!

Toni Goffe

Toni Goffe studied painting, illustration and (secretly) double bass at Southampton College of Art in Hampshire between 1952-1956, gaining a National Diploma in Design. On completing the course, he moved to London where he freelanced as an illustrator and studied painting with a number of private tutors. He supported this by playing double bass professionally in many notable London jazz bands. During this period, Toni started illustrating children's books on a freelance basis.

Richard Hatfield

After a serene and quiet start to life living in Chichester my parents decided that the family needed a little holiday, so in the summer of 1971 we drove to New Zealand in a VW camper van! Through ensuing adventures across mountains, rivers, seas, a small war between India and Pakistan and a spell exploring Down Under we arrived back 2 years later. Armed with a cheeky Kiwi accent and with images of the crazy places and things we had seen buzzing around in my head, I wanted to recreate these experiences somehow. Very soon I discovered a love for drawing. From that moment the die was set, the accent may have changed but my passion for creative imagery hasn’t.

Having studied at Canterbury, then a degree at Kingston University I was discovered by Michael Twinn (founder of Child’s Play) at an exhibition in London, he bought one of my pictures and offered me a job. Having already nurtured a fascination in animals and the environment I fell effortlessly into various projects concerning the natural world. I now live with my lovely partner in part of a Jacobean Mansion in the Kentish Countryside, just outside Ashford. I’m still painting in the traditional ways but also now a complete geek on the Mac. I’m always looking forward to the next project wherever that might take me.

Nora Hilb

As a child, I loved drawing more than anything else, though I never imagined it would become my profession. Because my parents were both from Germany, I grew up speaking German, later learning Spanish and English. After high school, I studied to be a kindergarten teacher. My desire to illustrate, however, remained strong, and I eventually found work drawing for a small company that produced animated films for children. I fled from Argentina in 1976 in the wake of violent military upheavals and settled in Mexico, where Marcela, my daughter, was born, before returning to Argentina in 1980. Times were hard, and a couple of years later I started to work in a graphic design studio where I invented lots of labels for everything from shoe polish to vinegar, as well as company logos and brochures.

By 1985, my second child, Leandro, was born and life in Argentina was getting better. I began slowly turning my thoughts to my dream of illustrating picture books. After putting together a small portfolio of illustrations, I contacted as many children’s book publishers in Argentina as I could find. By 1989, I had published my first picture book. What I like most is to illustrate picture books with animal characters that combine humor and gentleness. I want to be able to transmit through my illustrations all the passion and joy I feel when I create them. Today I alternate my time between the seaside, Villa Gesell, and Buenos Aires city, Argentina.

Richard Johnson

When I was a child, I was always happiest with a pencil and a scrap of paper to scribble on, as many young children are. I’d spend my time drawing comics, inventing traps or highly explosive rockets, copying my favourite Transformer of the week, sketching scenes from Star Wars or Indiana Jones, or sometimes making detailed copies of the old war planes from my dad’s books…

I was fortunate enough to have parents who let me decide for myself exactly which path I should take through the education system. And so, as many do, I decided to pursue my passion for art. I currently live in Lincolnshire with my partner who is a jewellery designer. When I’m not making pictures I like to fly my kites or explore the woods where I live; there are plenty of stories waiting to be found just around the next tree.

Dubravka Kolanovic

I was born in 1973 in Zagreb ,Croatia. I studied at Savannah College of Art and Design in the USA and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Croatia, where I got my degree as a painting major. Since then I have devoted myself to children's book illustration. I live and work in Zadar on the coast of Croatia with my husband, our two sons and a dog. We love trips in nature and long walks by the sea. Every year I devote some of my free time volunteering with Earthwatch. Helping scientific researchers in the Amazon rainforest, on an island off the Australian Great Barrier Reef, in the African Savanna or on the Galápagos Islands are precious experiences that have taught me the importance of protecting our environment for our future generations. I am also an illustrator of UNICEF cards and posters, and my biggest dream is a peaceful and happy childhood for every child in the world.

Annie Kubler

Annie Kubler was born in 1960, in the north east of France, in a mountainous area called the Vosges, where she spent her childhood. After gaining a National Diploma in Visual Communication. at the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg, with a specialisation in children’s illustration, she moved to England in 1985. She joined the Child’s Play team having been offered a job by publisher Michael Twinn, owner and founder of Child’s Play. For over 20 years she has been art director of Child’s Play, while illustrating many children’s titles, including Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (winner of the Sainsbury’s Baby Book Award in 2002).

Anthony Lewis

As a child Anthony had a passion for drawing that was encouraged by his parents and teachers alike, and ultimately led him to his career as a freelance illustrator. Since graduating with First Class Honours from the Liverpool School of Art in 1989, he has illustrated more than 300 children’s books for publishers worldwide. Although book illustration is his specialist area, he also works on major advertising campaigns and for the design and editorial markets.

Martha Lightfoot

My first published illustrations were inspired by a job designing and making children's fancy dress costumes. The more fairies I drew, the grumpier they looked, and they became greeting cards: "Even fairies feel fat, Even fairies get spots", and so on. In 2005 I illustrated One Lucky Duck and The Box, and in 2006, Aesop's Fables (Meadowside Children's Books). I live in Gloucestershire where my two young children hover at my elbow/knee and delight in colouring in/dribbling on everything I draw.

Summer Maçon

Summer grew up in an itty-bitty town in Southern New Mexico in the United States. She quickly earned the nickname ‘Tiger’, because that’s how she signed her homework, among the many doodles she added to it. Summer now goes by her real name and lives in an even smaller itty-bitty town of 32 people in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. She loves rock climbing, paddle boarding and mountain biking. And she still doodles!

Diana Mayo

Diana Mayo has many years of experience working as a children's book illustrator, and has created many books and hundreds of pictures with publishers including Barefoot Books, Dorling Kindersley, Oxford University Press, Mantra Lingua, Ladybird Books, Watts Publishing and Macmillan. Diana gathers inspiration from her growing passion for gardening and all things natural, which is creeping into her work more and more.

Angela Muss

Angela Muss is a children’s book illustrator and writer represented by Advocate Art. Angela was born in Barcelona, Spain and considers her childhood experiences to be a major inspiration for her art. Growing up in a creative family, she spent many hours drawing and imagining characters, while enjoying experiences rich in art and culture. High admiration for her artistic mother and grandmother, and having a successful publicist as a father, helped her to become the talented illustrator she is today. Prior to specialising in children’s illustration, Angela studied graphic design and photography, worked as a professional fashion photographer and developed a successful fashion illustration portfolio. But a love for children inspired her to pursue a career in the wonderful world of children’s books. She now lives in Paris. To find out more about Angela, please visit her website and follow her on Twitter.

Feronia Parker Thomas

Feronia Parker Thomas was born and raised in the South West of England. Her first love was drawing, and she spent many hours as a child writing and illustrating her own books. In 2007, Feronia moved to London to study Illustration at Camberwell College of Art. After graduation she trained as an art teacher, but decided after teaching for a while that illustrating full-time was much more enjoyable. It was the best decision she ever made! Feronia lives with her family in Bristol, England. When she isn’t illustrating, you can find her walking, or growing vegetables in the garden. 

Andrea Petrlik

Andrea Petrlik Huseinovic was born in 1966 in Zagreb, Croatia. She graduated in graphic arts from the class of Professor Ante Kuduz, an academic painter at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Since 1995 she has been a member of HDLU (Croatian Association of Artists). She has produced 21 picture books with her own illustrations. Andres has taken part in several group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad.

Sanja Rescek

Sanja lives in Zagreb, Croatia, where she studied graphic design and painting at the Academy of Fine Arts. Picture books with her illustrations have been published by Random House, Scholastic, Campbell, Child's Play among others and she has also illustrated cards for UNICEF. When she is not illustrating, Sanja enjoys painting, designing children's furniture, photography and travelling.

Daniel Rieley

Daniel is a British illustrator based in Lisbon. After studying at Arts University Bournemouth, then an epic backpacking adventure in Australia, and working for a couple of years in London, he decided to relocate to sunny Portugal. Daniel has worked on a variety of illustration projects from children's picture books to advertising, print, and card design. He enjoys using gouache and pencils to create the illustrations, and then compiles everything digitally for the final piece. When Daniel is not drawing, you can probably find him trying to catch waves, taking photos with old film cameras, or out on a hike.

Natasha Rimmington

In 2013 I graduated from the University of Lincoln with a First Class Honours degree in Illustration. I am now working as a freelance illustrator, represented by the Bright Agency, and love everything to do with children's books; especially drawing animals! I work in a mixture of different mediums, primarily digital, but like to experiment with more traditional methods too. I always have graphite sticks and sketchbooks nearby! I currently live in the small town of Bannockburn, on the edge of Stirling. When I'm not illustrating I like hiking, camping and collecting unusual objects washed up by the river.

Bruno Robert

From an early age, I had it in mind to draw and play with colours, so much so that I naturally went to the National School of Fine Arts in Caen, France, which I attended from 1991 to 1995 (option: Visual Communication). I have had books published by du Ricochet, Les Editions Hemma, Fleurus, Larousse, Atlas, Hachette Children’s Books, Child’s Play, Wayland, Milan Jeunesse, Magnard Scolaire and Editions Sed. Moreover, I work for the young children's press: Wakou (Milan Presse), Mille et une Histoires and Arc en Ciel (Fleurus Presse). I also work for publishing agencies and administrations. While I am illustrating a story, I think up a funny and coloured world with a hint of tenderness. I live and work in Normandy (France) where I was born.

Simona Sanfilippo

I'm a children's book illustrator, but my illustrations are also for adults or for advertising. I love to draw and paint, and I love to write my own stories. Sometimes I collaborate with other authors and we invent many book projects. I also collaborate with different publishers and product manufacturers. I have created illustrations for different types of publications, including advertising campaigns, books, postcards and greetings cards. I've participated in illustration contests in Italy and Europe and I've received several awards. I like to work in different techniques, such as acrylic, watercolour, oil and coloured pencil.

Elisa Squillace

I was born in 1979 and in 2001, I graduated from the European Institute of Design in Milan, where I lived for a few years. I now live and work in the North of Italy, on the side of Maggiore one of the most beautiful Italian landscapes. From my studio window I can see the lake and mountains which is good for inspiration. I've been working as an illustrator of children's books since 2002, illustrating books in Italy and in the UK, where I have published books with Child's Play, Allegra Publishing, Franklin Watts and Usborne. Since I can remember I've always been drawing and making creative handicrafts, such as puppets and little toys. I was an imaginative child and even now I use fantasy not only in my work, but also to get the best from everyday life.

Hannah Tolson

Hannah Tolson was born and raised in a small town near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. After studying at Leeds College of Art, she moved to Falmouth, Cornwall, where she gained a first class Honours degree in Illustration in 2013. She continues to live and work there, making pictures from her little desk overlooking the sea.

Barbara Vagnozzi

I live and work in my countryside home near Bologna in Italy. I'm a graduate in Modern History, and before becoming a professional illustrator I used to work as an archaeologist, both in university and archaeological sites. I started illustrating for Advertising, where I used to do project work as well as graphic design. My aim has always been to work in publishing and I moved into that area at the very first opportunity. I've been illustrating books for children for more than fifteen years and my work is published in Italy, the UK, USA and New Zealand. My favourite media are acrylic and watercolour, but every new project gives me the opportunity for further experimentation. When I'm not illustrating, I enjoy doing refurbishing projects for children's rooms on famous Italian cruise ships. I love swimming, travelling, walking in the mountains, literature, cinema, music and chocolate…I think I've got everything I dreamt about when I was young!

Natalia Vasquez

I grew up in Peru and studied painting at the Fine Arts School of Lima where I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts in 2000. I like to work with a variety of techniques including pencil, ink, watercolor as well as digital media. I think illustration is a wonderfully inspiring way to create art and express myself while working on something that I love. I have worked as a freelance illustrator since 2003 creating work for Publishers like Alfaguara, Pearson, Piggy Toes Press, Concordia Publishing, Capstone Pub, Child's Play, Scholastic and BBC UK among others. I also enjoy doing personal illustration projects and art for friend's projects (bands, record labels) and fanzines.

Claudia Venturini

I am Italian and I live and work in Ferrara. It is a very nice ancient city with a castle, walls and parks. I love it! When I was a little girl I was fond of drawing and I loved fairy tales, and so I decided that I wanted to become an illustrator for children’s books. Following a long career as an illustrator and graphic designer in advertising and working with children as an educator, I was able to realise my initial purpose in 2004. Now if someone asks me ‘What is your job?’ at last I can answer ‘I’m an illustrator for children!’ with a big smile!

Anna Wadham

Anna Wadham was born in 1978, and spent her childhood in a small Fenland village. She studied Surface Pattern Design in Huddersfield before going on to study children's book illustration in Cambridge in 2002. Anna currently lives in Norfolk. In 2007 she illustrated her first picture book, The Ant and the Big Bad Bully Goat for Child's Play. Anna also designs greetings cards and gift wrap.

Kay Widdowson

Kay Widdowson lives and works in a tiny Victorian terraced house on the edge of Chorlton Meadows, a nature reserve in Manchester, England. She has been working for more than twenty-eight years, and has been published all around the world. When she’s not illustrating children’s books, Kay designs cards and produces etchings, collagraphs and lino prints.She walks through Chorlton Meadows most days with a sketch book. She collects tin toys, books and vintage pots. Her perfect day would be spent in the studio with a sketch book and her two beautiful cats, listening to the radio and enjoying a big mug of coffee.

Hannah Wood

Since a childhood, Hannah has never been seen without a pencil and paint splattered all over her. She studied Politics at university but always wanted to be a book illustrator. Starting off illustrating greetings cards for major international companies soon led her to her dream. And since then she has produced many books in a variety of styles - but is still accident prone with paint!

Elke Zinsmeister

I was born in 1963, in the south west of Germany, in an area called Saarland, where I spent many years of my life. In 1998 I moved to Liverpool, where I studied Fine and Applied Art and went on to complete a course with Chelsea College of Art in London, specialising in Children's Book Illustration and Editorial. I have been worked for The Bright Agency in London from 2003 to 2005, since then I have spent more time painting, developing large scale artwork. I live with my partner Gerd, my daughter Zoe and our dog Moonie in Liverpool, and have lately taken a liking to knitting socks and baking my own sourdough bread.

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