Illustration Guidelines

What We Publish

We are always happy to accept illustrator's portfolios, but as we receive so many it is worth considering whether your art will fit with our programme before sending.

Our books cover many different subjects, but are all written within the context of a diverse and international society. We try to reflect various family structures and avoid gender, age, disability or racial stereotyping. 

As an independent publisher, we are always on the look out to collaborate with creatives from under-represented groups whose art includes inclusive and diverse portrayals that is sensitive to its subject matter.

How to submit

If you've taken the time to look at our programme and think your portfolio would be a good fit for us, please submit a cover letter and your portfolio as an attachment or link to: 

We are unable to consider AI-generated illustrations or submissions via the post.


We are lucky enough to receive such a high volume of portfolios every month, however; this means we are unfortunately unable to offer criticism on individual projects. If your concept has taken our interest, portfolios will be kept on file and considered for new projects.