Tree Conservation (UK)

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  • Try not to waste paper: Recycle clean paper and card, draw on scrap paper and only print off things you really need.
  • Encourage adults to go paperless and receive their bills digitally.
  • Walk around your local park and search for some of the trees from the book.
Fundraise and donate the proceeds to a tree conservation charity:
  • Organise a second-hand book swap
  • Follow a tutorial on making paper, then sell homemade letter paper and notebooks
  • Run a tree-themed cake sale:
    Mini yule logs (or slices of a larger swiss roll, laid flat as ‘tree stumps’).
    Cupcakes with wood or bark-patterned icing on top.
    Leaf and tree-shaped biscuits using a cookie cutter.
  • Sponsored tree-bathing.
  • Write to your council to encourage them to plant more trees locally.
  • Invite the headteacher to your classroom for a class meeting about adding more trees to the school grounds.
  • Research tree diseases and how to report them to stop their spread.