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Child's Play (International) Ltd

Fruit Salad


Game (NOT computer game)
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5-8 Years

While fractions are typically difficult to master, this game makes learning them as easy as eating a fruit salad! Includes four fruit salad plates, a fraction die, and 15 pieces of fruit: 2 pear halves, 3 apple thirds, 4 orange quarters, and 6 melon sixths. One side of each card is marked with its corresponding fraction. Four rules of play are offered: Greedy Guests, A Balanced Diet, Whole Fruit, and rules for beginners, with different objectives to win yet all centered around rolling the fraction die and picking the proper fraction piece and placing it on your salad plate. Provides a simple and fun introduction to fractions in both abstract and concrete form. Prepares players for Vegetable Soup: More Fun With Fractions! Ages 6 and up.



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