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Board book

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Illustrated by Charlotte Archer

Very young babies see the world differently, and that’s why we have developed this unique book, using the latest scientific research in infant perception. With a specially selected palette, tactile elements, and moving parts, every feature of this book will stimulate your child’s endless curiosity and creativity. It’s as simple as Look Touch Learn!

  • These colourful and engaging books can stand by themselves - perfect for tummy time sessions! Relax side-by-side and point out the illustrations, or lie on the other side and peek over the book. It even has some tactile features and fluttering elements to blow on!

  • This series was developed in consultation with infant psychologists to ensure that the best designs and colours are chosen for optimal visual perception for babies from 0 - 6 months.

  • They’re a great screen-free way to bond with a baby and they can be used on any flat surface, inside or outside.

Making Of... Look, Touch, Learn



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